Tuesday Morning

Good morning all, Yesterday was a bit of a miserable day once the heat got going now I remember why I don't live in Italy they have months of this and I hate it.  No amount of ice cream is enough to cool me down.  The dogs went swimming first thing and it takes Dan a long time to dry off so he was cool for a while but come the late afternoon he kept coming to me with his pleading look and panting with the heat.  As I am in charge of his whole world I think he thought I could turn the heating down!!!  I have become a troglodyte keeping as cool as I can with fans going in all the bedrooms to try and make sleeping a possibility. I would really welcome a big thunderstorm and buckets of rain but this is not on the cards as far as the weather forecast goes.

My new iron arrived and I plugged it in and tested that it worked but didn't touch the ironing I am not that crazy yet.  I made an assortment of dishes which we grazed our way through as the fancy took us and today will be something similar I think - assorted salads and cold meats and cheeses.  Minimum cooking minimum effort.    Even the dogs didn't have any appetite and left their food untouched.  I am pleased that I wake early and get to enjoy the only part of the day when it is cool and comfortable.
Sitting here with my cup of coffee is really lovely with the cool air rushing into the house as yet the sun hasn't made it over the tree tops so we are still in lovely shade.  The way the house is orientated it stays cool in the front until the sun passes over the roof at around 5 pm by which time the back rooms are at boiling point as they have the benefit of full sun all day. Don't get me wrong I love the sun but hate the heat.  I think the older I get the less tolerant I have become to big changes in temperature.

The heat has reminded me of a dish we used to have in Nigeria which we called a West African curry and if I can muster the energy I may make this one day.  The curry part is just a simple chicken curry but it is the side dishes which make the difference.  I remember one of the crazy colonials who had a curry party and set up a model train on the dining table with each coach carrying a different side dish. They are as follows: - sliced raw banana, fried banana, raw onions, fried onions, peanuts and roasted peanuts, grated coconut and toasted coconut,  sliced tomatoes.  The curry can be made quite spicy as with all this lot tipped on top it cools it down a bit.  It is served with plain boiled rice and or fufu. Fufu is made with cassava flour and is very sticky in consistency - there was a test to see if was made correctly and that was the master of the house would flick a spoonful upwards and if it stuck to the ceiling it was good to go. Most colonial houses had dining room ceilings peppered with blobs of fufu. Once on the ceiling, it would take a jackhammer to remove it.  Isn't it interesting how the weather can trigger memories from the dim and distant past?  It was my colourful childhood that got me sent back to the UK to be educated.  My mother was trying to explain to one of our house boys to go and collect some chairs from another colonial as we were hosting a party.  He kept saying yes but she knew from the look on his face he had no idea who she was talking about.  The in an effort to assist I piped up "it be Lady with big big belly and fat fat arse" Immediate recognition!  I had heard the boys talking about her so I knew how they described her.  That was it, no more pigeon English for me home to boarding school.

And on that happy note, I will leave you to your day. I need more coffee now.
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