Good morning all to take your minds off today's voting I am going to show you some photos of Miramare castle.

The castle is a ladies castle built for Carlotta by her husband Maximillion who became emperor of Mexico where he was assassinated.  Poor Carlotta stood looking out to sea awaiting his return and quietly went off her trolley.  The castle is made of white marble and is set in huge grounds and parkland and has its own private harbour. 

It is set on a promontory and can be seen from the whole of the bay of Trieste.  If you ever visit Trieste it is one of the must see places.  And being Italy there is a refreshment bar/restaurant where you can sit in the shade and soak up the views via a formal italian garden. Sadly many of the statues show bullet holes as the Americans who were billeted there during the WW2 used them for target practice.  The less said about that the better!!!  You can spend a whole day there wandering around the grounds if you have mountain goats climbing abilities.  We did the flatter parts as we had already climbed millions of steps to even reach it via the backdoor at Gringnano harbour. Where the bus drops you off.  Getting back required a mile long walk then a 78 step staircase to get back up to the bus stop.  Now I remember why I never went there by bus before!!!!

Incidentally I have been shoeless since I got back to allow my blisters to heal but I have a very attentive personal physician who insists that my sore places are kept very clean and certainly not allowed to fester under plasters.  Thank you Dan!!!  These photos were taken by Sandy I already have millions as I have taken all my friends to see it.

 Sandy look out to sea

 Steps up to the bus stop not for the faint hearted.

I had a lovely day yesterday with Shiona and as luck would have it I needed her to witness mine and James signatures on what I hope is the last of the paperwork.  Now you know I don't do desserts but Fiora the wife of my relative Franco gave me a recipe but if I published it I would have to kill you. Suffice to say it is largely cream, amaretti and chocolate which you combine to make a semifreddo to die for.  One teaspoon is enough calories to last you a week, very naughty but nice!!!! 

Now I must leave you I have the grim task of voting in some local prat to represent me. It is a like asking if you prefer to eat ground glass or razorblades some choice.

Have a good day and lets hope things turn out for the best whatever that is.

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