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Good morning all today I am going to tell you a story which you will find very hard to believe but let me assure you I know the people so I  can verify the story is true and not stolen from a Mills and Boon book.  Get a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy.

Just at the end of WW2 an american air force colonel who was personally wealthy met and married an Triestina girl. So far not so unusual that is how my parents got together.  Sadly as it turned out his wife was unable to have children.  When he returned to the USA he discovered that he was dying of cancer and didn't have long to go.  He had taken a shine to a very pretty Alabama girl who he managed to get pregnant.  Now how to solve this thorny problem. He asked his Italian wife if he could divorce her and leave her his personal fortune, he would then marry his pregnant girlfriend who I will call Betty and she would then be entitled to his air force pension and the child would be legitimate.  So far so good!!!  However he didn't want to leave Betty alone widowed and pregnant in the USA so he asked his now ex wife if she would help her and look after her and they could bring up his child together. And that is exactly what happened they had adjoining flats in Trieste and brought the boy up together.  Some time later Betty fell deeply in love with a local man but she could not marry him as she would lose the rather good pension.  So they bought adjoining plots of land and built two houses so they could be together but as far as the law was concerned they were separate people.  From this union a girl was born who I will call Clare sadly her father had a heart attack and died leaving her his house so she can still look after Betty who is now in her 80's.  Sandy and I had a lovely lunch in Slovenia with Betty and Clare.  Aren't people wonderful.
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