Thursday morning

Good morning all, well today I am a year older and my only hope is that I am also wiser.  Another year of experiences has been added to the list.  The body might be falling to bits but I am trying to keep the mind going.  The discipline of writing this blog is quite helpful and makes me use my brain and work out what to do with the computer so it is all good.  The contents might be rubbish but hey you can't have everything.

When I was at Shiona's I was having a small clothing problem and needed a safety pin but Shiona suggested a broach might be better and duly presented me with a lovely Danish silver broach which I was told I could keep only if I really loved it.  I really loved it and I think you will agree it is beautiful and definitely better than a safety pin.

Yesterday Elaine came round with Benji and brought me a lovely calla lily.  I'm not sure whether to risk planting it in the ground or whether to keep it in a pot so I remember to water it.  It might look rather good in my Zen garden if I ever get round to doing it. Benji and Dan had a fine time cavorting all over the place.  Their favourite game seems to be chasing each other round and round the dining room until they have managed to knock over most of the furniture. Fortunately, even their combined weight is insufficient to knock the table over.

Today I am going out to lunch with Len and Margaret who I haven't seen in ages.  Someone else to bore with holiday photos!!!! They have a huge TV and I was wondering if I might take my Apple TV thing and see if I can put the photos up on the screen so they don't have to huddle around my iPad. My tech knowledge is a bit limited but I am trying to stay up to date.  Anyway, nothing ventured nothing gained.

The catering department is closed today it is every man for himself.  The rule is if you can find it you can eat it!!!!  I am going to boil a couple of eggs for breakfast [new regimen] I really should try to eat breakfast but when I first get up it is the last thing I want.  

It is dull and overcast here today and quite chilly at 13ºC but I am not complaining.  Oh, by the way, the new iron works well and my pile of ironing is no more.  Well for a couple of days anyway.  Have a good day all and let's hope the weather improves for the weekend.
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