Thursday morning

Good morning all.  I have woken with a thundering headache this morning, it is either the heat or my snoring but hopefully nothing copious coffee won't cure.  Yesterday was very hot and uncomfortable. As hot as 1976 which I remember well with the exception of one month when I tried hard to die in expensive scare.  The consensus of opinion is that I was struck by an overwhelming viral infection. Anyway, I survived and emerged at my lowest weight of 9 stone, however, I would not recommend this as a weight loss method.  I do remember my first solid food it was a revelation, who knew canteen stew tasted so good and carrots were to die for, Oh! and lumpy mash in gallons of bisto wow. Lovely light summer food for roasting hot weather.  Well done the hospital kitchens a perfect choice!!!! I bet I enjoyed eating it much more than they enjoyed cooking it.

I forgot to water last night so I have been out and done that first thing.  We may or may not get the rain today it depends on which weather forecast you look at.  Our little corner of the south-east often misses the worst of the rain which has already dumped on the rest of the UK before it reaches us.  I for one would welcome a good dousing and a serious reduction in temperature.  At the moment there is a slight breeze and light cloud cover but nothing that looks like rain just yet.

I have prepared a load of vegetables for a stir-fry for lunch.  Hot food but with the minimum of slaving over a hot stove.  Dan makes me laugh, he hears me get up and potters down to wish me good morning and relieve himself then scuttles back off to be with the boys.  It is far too early for him to get up and there is zero chance of breakfast if I am typing.  Tubby usually follows about ten minutes later, greets me, relieves himself and goes back to bed.  Though the patio doors are wide open both dogs exit via their own door [the dog flap].  They really are creatures of habit.

Any chance of breakfast?

How about a play bow will that help?

Well, it is time for more coffee the headache is subsiding and I had better get on with any chores before I turn into a pumpkin.  Have a good day all.

P.S. the ironing is on hold until October!!!!

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