Thursday Morning

Ok here are some photos which I managed to download from Sandy's phone. Here she is by one of the fountains on the front of the Lloyds Triestino building.  Then looking seaward you see people at the harbour wall but wait a minute are they all people?

A little closer and you will see that some of the people are actually bronze sculptures of two young girls doing their sewing.

And just in case you think this is all a figment of my imagination here I am with James Joyce.

This was Sandy's lunch of tuna in sesame seed with a lime dressing and a peculiar salad that is very local. It is actually called "Cicoria zuccherina di Trieste",  I have a packet of seeds on order and I will see if it will grow in a pot on my patio.  It is a cut and come again type salad with a significant hint of bitterness a bit more exciting than lettuce.  The locals call it radicchio and make it into a lovely salad with borlotti beans. 

 This is the 36year old Opel belonging to Betty, from my little story, and below her and I discussing the linden trees in the grounds of the church.

She lives in a village just outside Trieste called Monrupino and her house is 250 meters from the Slovenian border.

And this is Slovenia taken from the hill where there is a very old church which Betty has made her own and looks after the gardens driving up there daily to feed the priests cats and water the plants.

The church from Betty's house

I had a lovely visit with Sandy yesterday and once we had got the photos sorted she was pleased to go and pick her fill of raspberries from my disaster area of an allotment.  For lunch, I did something nice and light a bassa fillet and an Insalata Caprese.  Then later in the afternoon, I got a call from my friends near Bordeaux who are followers of the blog which they read with their coffee in the morning.  I hope this morning's episode and photos will keep you all amused for 5 minutes.  The weather here today is dull and overcast and quite warm.  Have a great day all sadly I still can't do any ironing what a disappointment!!!!!
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