Sunday morning

Good morning all.  We got a small splash of rain yesterday but nowhere near enough to do any real good.  We really could use a  deluge to give the garden a good drink.  I'm sure the apricots would be happy for some water.  As you can see from the photo it looks like we might have a decent crop this year, however, I will have to keep a close eye on the fruit if I am to get to it before the birds do.

I made myself an interesting breakfast yesterday I put into the Ninja Blitzer some lettuce, a tomato, a tiny clove of garlic, some basil leaves and a splash of balsamic vinegar then blitzed.   The result was a sort of salad smoothy but very nice and right up my street.  Lunch was equally simple I did a big bowl of cacio e pepe spaghetti and a massive salad which kept us satisfied until about 8 pm when we succumbed to some KFC.  The fish monger rang to say they had got some nice dover soles while night fishing and so I have three nice sized fish as well as some Cornish mackerel.  Somehow in this hot weather, I prefer fish to meat.  I think I may have shot myself in the foot as today is Denzil's long day so he eats at work.  Which means there is just James and I to feed.  I think I will prepare the fish and then possibly put it in the freezer. The dovers can stay in the fridge and we can have them on Monday when we are three for lunch and as they had rigour mortis when they arrived I think they should be fresh enough.

In the end, I decided to reseed my pot of half germinated plants and as the leaves are cut and come again in type it shouldn't make much difference.  Gardening is a bit of a trial at the moment as next doors dog not only bark when the dogs are in the garden but also as soon as I set foot outside they start barking and don't let up until I go back inside which doesn't make for happy gardening.  My dogs stay quiet for a while but do eventually retaliate at which point we all go back inside.

Today as it is beautifully cool I may even put the new iron into service.  As I moaned so much about the heat I feel obligated to enjoy the cool.  There is a lovely breeze coming in off the coast and the sun is shining. Perfect.

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