Sunday morning

Good morning all.  What a hot and sultry night, fortunately, it is cool now so all my windows are open letting in the cool air.  As soon as the sun hits them they get slammed shut and curtains drawn to keep the house cool. 

Do you like a glass of prosecco?  If you do then may I suggest you enter it into google earth and see just where it comes from?  Ok, I will save you the bother it is a village in the hills just above Miramare castle.  Yet anther reason to visit this very special corner of Italy alternatively any supermarket will stock this now.

Yesterday was so hot I really didn't do much after the sun got up.  We had burgers and a range of salads for lunch and supper was finishing off the salads and foraging in the fridge.  I burned and skinned some peppers then sliced and dressed with salt and oil.  Similarly, I steamed some courgettes and did the same.  Today it will be meatballs with a piece of mozzarella in the centre and I haven't decided yet whether to make or just boil dry pasta and make a simple tomato sauce. I like making pasta but it is a bit of chore in the heat.

My iron still hasn't arrived as you can imagine I am heartbroken.  For once I can look at the pile of ironing with a clear conscience there is nothing I can do about it.  With all this lovely weather even the dogs bedding has been through the machine.

Sandy had a bit of excitement yesterday she got her new puppy.  He is a Springer Labrador cross and in keeping with the theme of star wars, he will be called Obie.

 Like all puppies, he runs out of gas quite quickly

 Obie and Luke

This is one lucky puppy he has landed on his feet in a home of experienced dog handlers where he will be loved to bits.  As soon as his vaccinations are done he will be coming to visit us as now is the time he needs to be exposed to everything and learn to socialise with other dogs.  These early days are so important if he is to grow into a well-rounded dog.  It is a big steep learning curve for him and I wish them all the best of luck.

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