Sunday morning

Good morning all.  I had busy day yesterday with my newly found enthusiasm I tackled part of my wardrobe.  All my heavy winter stuff has been vacuum packed clean and neatly folded and put away. The excess bed linen likewise.  I have done a little bit of gardening in as much as I have had a go with the secateurs to release the whirly washing line which was being overrun by a clematis which has gone mad.  My eagerness to do washing has of course resulted in a huge pile of ironing but actually I don't mind ironing if I have music or TV to watch while I do it.

In my efforts to keep up with the times I purchased some sticky things which are apparently nanotechnology [not expensive] they are miraculous.  They stick anything to anything firmly but temporarily and peel off leaving no mark.  To show you this  I have stuck my iPad to the glass of the patio doors.  This means I can stick it in the car or kitchen with ease and just peel it off when I want.

Last night I stuck it to the bedroom wall and watched a couple of TED lectures, very thought provoking.  In case you think you are off the hook with the Trieste stuff don't you believe it so far we have done a bit of history and geography we haven't even touch on the food yet!!!  Sandy has the photos on her phone so I will try to rob them from her when I see her.  However, just to start the ball rolling have you seen this make of coffee?  No prizes for where it comes from!!!!! Incidentally Sandy, a confirmed tea drinker, was drinking cappuccinos like a native by the end of the week.  There is coffee and then there is coffee!!!! 

Am I living in the wrong country?  I have been here for 35 years and have I ever been into Rochester castle? no not once. Likewise several other places of interest I need a visitor from Trieste to show around LOL.   

Today I will need to hit the shops as I have motored through most of the fresh food that was in the house.  I am going to buy the ingredients for cevapcici which the boys love and they are nice on a barbeque so if we have some good weather I might even do that.  They are a type of sausage without skins which are served with raw red onion, a red pepper sauce and german type mustard a big salad and some crusty bread. Very popular in the old Yugoslavia/Italy/Slovenia/Croatia.  Some naughty people keep changing the borders!!!!  If you should visit Trieste it is quite possible to breakfast in Italy, lunch in Slovenia and dine in Croatia and the overnight bus will see you in Vienna.  Venice is a two hour train ride away so that too would make a good day trip.  Well I can hear the ironing calling me so I will crack on with a bit of it and at least diminish the pile.

Have a good one all 

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