Saturday Morning

Good morning all as you will notice there are two Saturdays this week.  Guess who is a bit confused with the days?  Well the days mean nothing to me and I am sure that if I didn't write this blog I wouldn't even know what month it is.  The sun is up so so am I, this is by far the best bit of the day it is still fresh from a cool night the birds are busy but the traffic is quiet as are the neighbours who are still asleep.

Yesterday I played a bit in the kitchen preparing a plate of cold stuff for lunch.  Tomatoes stuffed with parsley garlic bread crumbs and olive oil then grilled.  Hard boiled eggs stuffed with tuna mayo and capers.  A tin of pāté direct from my friends in Bordeaux and some polish ham knuckle sliced.

This is a cucumber and radish salad, cool and crisp but with a little mouse in the middle.

My Italian seeds arrived so they have been planted and now it is just a case of waiting, watering and hoping.  

Talking of watering the garden is in desperate need of water especially the things in pots so that will be my first port of call this morning.  Actually, they should really be watered in the evening so that they have all night to drink before the sun evaporates it off but I forgot  "Teflon syndrome", nothing sticks.  I was busy finishing off the shawl I have made for Fiora so it is now ready to go in the post today and hopefully will arrive quite quickly as it fits in a jiffy bag quite easily and weighs very little.
I don't think there is any rush as they are currently doing the west coast of America before their summer holiday aboard their yacht sailing down the Croatian coast.  They are now making up for lost time and spending some of the money they spent so many years accumulating.

I did a bit of English correction for my Japanese friend as she is submitting a planning application and for my trouble, she has bought me a lovely box of Belgian chocolates - it would be churlish not to eat them!!!!! but it was totally unnecessary.  I was happy to oblige and for me, as a native speaker, it was very easy.  It is interesting to note the choice of words used by non-native speakers my cousin who's English is good, talked about "shadow parking" nothing wrong with that except we would say parking in the shade. This is of course very important in hot countries as the car turns into an oven in moments.

Sadly still no iron, I am gutted, I so wanted to do a huge pile of ironing  I guess I will just have to have another cup of coffee instead.
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