Saturday Morning

Good morning all sorry but you are not off the hook yet.  Here is a set of photos of the interior of a house in Trieste.  It belonged to the man who funded the Suez Canal so he was not short of a bob or two and I think the photos will demonstrate that fact. Interestingly nothing is cordoned off, you are trusted not to handle the artefacts.  Entry is free and they have added a section to the building which is modern and houses their modern art collection.

 Beautiful domed ceiling

 dining room 

 enough gold leaf to open a shop 

 These bannisters are in red velvet

 Some floors in marble 

 others in Parque which are more like marquetry 

 chandeliers by the dozen

 Stuffed with artworks and marble statues

 his carriage and footman's uniforms

The house is an interesting design in that the bottom floor is where they kept the carriage and horses the next floor was personal living apartments and the top floor was for business and social meetings and grand occasions. Not that you can tell the difference I alway park my car on a marble floor, don't you?

The next series of photos are of the interior of my cousin's sisters house which is currently unused and kept as guest accommodation.

This is the bronze which I have threatened to come one night with a lorry and steal.  I would need a lorry as I don't think it would pass the Ryanair weight allowance.  The house has lovely grounds including a swimming pool and dedicated barbeque area with shaded walkways for those very hot days of summer.
 This is the cloakroom and don't you just love the hand basin?

 me with my cousin and his wife

Family portraits cover the staircase a bit like number 10 downing street!!!!

On the day before we left Sandy felt confident enough to venture out on her own and discovered that they were having a vintage car show and kite flying exhibition in the main square.  Sadly one of the huge kites ended up caught on a lamp post and required the fire brigade to come and release it.

The main square is also used as a concert venue as the acoustics are terrific

In this picture, they have the orchestra with their backs to the sea and in the distance, you can see Miramare castle lit for the night.  Needless to say being Italy they do have an opera house as well.

I hope my travels have perhaps whetted your appetite for a visit of your own - if you don't like it too hot avoid July and August and certainly avoid the winter which is horribly cold and windy but spring and autumn are perfect and as yet it is not flooded with tourists.  Don't worry about speaking the language as loads of people speak English and they are desperate to practice.

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