Saturday morning

Good morning all. Yesterdays political debacle reminded of me of my mother who constantly corrected my english - if I asked CAN I go swimming she would reply you can, but you MAY not!!!! Well it looks like Theresa May not!!!  I was always very proud of my mother who, being a bloody foreigner, taught English to the English.

Now this will make you laugh before I went away I decided I needed a decent handbag which would hold all my necessities and a small loaf.  I found the very thing and ordered it.  Did it arrive in time of course not.  So while in Trieste I decided to buy myself a similar bag but of course they do them in real leather so £100 later I have a lovely handbag. The one I ordered was here waiting for me when I got back fortunately that one only cost me £10.  Sandy bought her other half a lovely leather belt which he is delighted with. That was our one shopping expedition.  Sandy is having trouble downloading her photos from her phone so she is coming over one day next week and we will see if we can get them to download onto my machine.  In the meantime I will pinch a few from google images.  

The gentleman strolling across piazza ponte rosso bridge is a bronze statue of James Joyce.  You will notice his shoulders are well polished as all the tourists have a photo taken with him.

He standing on a bridge which is over the canal which leads out to sea in one direction and up to the church of saint Antony in the other direction.

 Church of st. Antony

As Trieste dates back to roman times of course they also have to have a place of entertainment so they still have an amphitheatre smack in the middle of town.

I found this rather nice panoramic photo of Piazza Unita which shows the major insurance company building on the left followed by our cafe and the government building dead centre on the right is the Lloyds Triestino building and the photo is taken from the edge of the harbour looking inwards.

The small discs you can see on the floor are lights which look lovely at night.

This modern building which looks like a typewriter is the science block of the university which has a world renowned physics department.

While we are on our guided tour of Trieste I must show you the main railway station through which the original orient express made it way to Istanbul. 

You can get here from Victoria station in London but it takes approximately 72 hours.  I have done it several time and it is a bit of a slog.  It is quicker to drive I have done it once non stop with two drivers and towing a trailer tent, it took 28 hours and is approximately 1000 miles.  You would think the train would be quicker but it does silly things like stopping at the gare de lyon in paris for one hour then same again at the gare du nord and in venice it stops for an hour in mestre which is on the mainland then an hour in venice the back to mestre for an hour after which it stops at all the station until Trieste slow, hot and tedious.

Last bit of today's history lesson

This statue of wolves has a double significance for me they are on the outskirts of Trieste and while my father was string telephone cables across during WW2 he was shot at by the Germans fortunately they missed and the family name of my grandmother was Wolf which got Italianised by Mussolini to Volpi which actually means fox.

I hope you are paying close attention there will be a test at the end of term!!!!!  Have a lovely week end.
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