Monday morning

Good morning all, the sun is shining and we are at a lovely 15.6ºC.  Yesterday was dull and overcast but still no real rain.  I was going to do some spraying of weed killer but it was too windy and I stood a good chance of killing the plants rather than the weeds.  Today looks like a better option as there is no wind just a gentle breeze.  I spent yesterday flitting from one thing to another.  I have started to read Ulysses as instructed by Anne.  It is a bit hard going but interesting descriptive writing.  Then I did some knitting while listening to the next section of my course on psychology in an effort to keep up to date.  The one good thing about corsera is if you abandon a course you can always go back and start again. The lecturer is Canadian and I find myself listening to his accent rather than paying attention to the lecture. I went to Aldi for some shopping and found that everyone else had the same idea and it was bedlam.  

However, I did see a beautiful silver Maserati in the car park, what a smashing looking car!!! you don't see many of those around.  The dover soles are all prepared skinned and had the frills cut off and ready to hit the frying pan today.  I intend to serve them with a lemon butter sauce with a few prawns scattered over the top. I watched Rick Stein cook a dover sole then remove the centre bone before serving.  I might have a go at that and see if I can do it. I also got the ingredients for another gazpacho which everyone enjoyed and it makes a change to drink your salad.  

Today I need to buy a natural yoghurt as I have purchased the yoghurt making kit for my Instapot which has a  yoghurt setting so we will have to see how it turns out.  I still haven't got round to doing the ironing but it might happen one day this week or the stuff will have got dirty while waiting and need to be rewashed.

Tomorrow I am off to Shiona's to bore her with my photos and get her to sign my new will.  Finally, the house is now in two names.  What a pain that has been what looked like a very simple thing has taken hundreds of letters and months of form filling to get completed.  Talk about a money making scheme for solicitors!!!!

Anyway, Denny is here and working away in the kitchen so time I got going too.  Have a good day all. 

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