Monday morning

Good morning all, OMG what an inferno yesterday was and I believe we are in for another scorcher today. I try to get all the chores done in the early morning cool then once the main heat hits I turn into a pumpkin and sit in a heap in front of the fan and wait for night to come and cool me down again.  It always seems so much easier to get warm than it does to get cool.  This is when I wish I had a swimming pool but it is definitely not worth it for the few days of heat we get in the UK.  I make do with a lukewarm shower and walk about wet so evaporation can work its magic.  Dan really doesn't like the heat and seeks out cold tiled floors to lie on.  I can only imagine how hot it must be in fur coat!!!!

Yesterday I made the meatballs for lunch and I still have a couple left over so they will be on the lunch menu along with the petit pois a la Parisienne and a struccolo of spinach and ricotta.  I find myself making many more vegetarian dishes in the summer when there is an abundance of beautiful vegetables to choose from.  I still have a cabbage and some sweet potatoes to use up from last week's box of goodies.  I also have millions of carrots which I think I will make into soup, all I need is a bunch of coriander.  I can then put it in the freezer until it is required.  I must say in the heat soup makes a nice light supper.  

According to the delivery schedule, my iron should arrive either today or tomorrow but it will have to sit and wait for cooler weather before I attempt to use it.  There is no way I am going to be ironing in this heat.

It is really lovely sitting here in the cool of the morning with my cup of coffee but I need to get going before the heat builds to unbearable levels and I run out of gas.  Have a good one all and try to stay cool if you can.
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