Monday Morning

Good morning all.  The sun is rising and the cevapcici are nearing readiness.  I make mine according to the recipe I have had since the year dot.  It involves letting the beef and pork mince soak in white wine and ground black pepper overnight.  Then a couple of spoons of flour help hold the meat together as you make into sausage shapes ready for either the barbeque or griddle pan.  Peppers and aubergine have been burnt to loosen the skin and they will be blitzed with garlic, olive oil a squirt of lemon juice sort of like making a mayonnaise and if needed some breadcrumbs to thicken.  They are served with this sauce and raw finely sliced red onion and a squirt of mild German mustard or if you have kids around tomato ketchup works well.

Now just one thing I have to add if I have whetted your appetite for Trieste.  A short distance, less than an hour by car, there are the biggest caves in Europe at Postojna.  It is usually on my itinerary for visitors and having travelled that far you really should take the time to see this wonder.  Sandy doesn't do caves so we skipped it this time.

To visit these caves, which are in excess of 20 kilometres, you go by train for the most part of the journey, then a bit of walking and finally back on the train.  The main cavern is huge and was used for conferences during WW2 as it is so deep it is completely bombproof. It was also used to store ammunition safely.

As you can imagine it is always a bit damp as the water seeps through the limestone but underfoot they have used special anti-slip concrete so even my elderly mother in law managed it.  You will get a guide who speaks your language and will explain all about it.

They have some strange wildlife in the form of blind salamanders. Who needs eyes in the pitch black it is also pointless having a pretty coloured skin.

Close by is Predjama Castle which is fascinating for its location and the fact that as it is partially covered by the cave in which it is set it only has half a roof! 

Good luck storming this castle!!!! it puts a whole new slant on cave dwelling as in front of it there is a ravine with a draw bridge to get in. No need for a burglar alarm me thinks!  Ok here ends geography and history lesson.  I have given you the background as pictures are just that and while pretty it is nice to know what you are looking at.  I hope I have given you some ideas of a place to visit which is slightly off the tourist track but not for long as they are now getting cruise ships docking in Trieste and for the first time I saw gaggles of tourists being dragged around the town.

Well I am off to get the lunch prepared and do so ironing before the day heats up have a good one all.
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