Friday morning

Good morning all.  First of all, may I thank you all for your good wishes I got nice cards and my Facebook page exploded with greetings from everyone from far and near.  It's lovely to know that people who I haven't seen for years and people I have never met are still out there. It was a good day all round and here is a picture of Dan's sister who won Best of Breed in the French championships with her very proud breeders.  If she is as lovely as Dan I am not surprised.  There is only one drawback to owning a Spinone and that is once you have accepted that your walls will be decorated with slobber you will never want another breed of dog they are just such lovely people and the best friend you could ever have.

I had a lovely lunch with Len and Margaret and she really pushed the boat out with a full three-course lunch.  I truly appreciate this as I know she hates cooking so a big effort on her part.  The phone rang off the hook with messages and my inbox is full of letters and for once it is not all rubbish.  Even the feed-in tariff people have sent me a nice big cheque for my solar panels.

After my exciting day, I slept like the dead last night and am up very late this morning.  The sun is shining and all is well with my world.  

I am having a bit of a knitting craze and am knitting a shawl in wool which although the label says it is double knitting it is actually 4ply and I have now reached the stage where one row is taking me 10 minutes to complete and the circular needle is filling up rapidly.  It is my intention to finish the wool I have so who knows what size it will end up.  The wool is a natural sheep colour so I am now dithering as to what contrasting colour to make the fringe.

Today I have an appointment to have my nails done they have grown out dramatically since my holiday - do nails grow more in the summer?

Some of the leaves of my Cicoria are almost ready to cut so I am looking forward to a salad with some borlotti beans.  This salad is used when the leaves are very young and the tinier they are the more expensive.  As they have gone so well in the pot I may well plant some in the greenhouse which is currently redundant.

Well with such a late start I had better close and get on with something constructive.  Have a good day all.
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