Friday morning

Good morning all, Ok own up who got the rain?  We heard the thunder but got half a tsp. of rain. Not even enough to wet the patio.  However, on the upside, the sting has gone out of the heat.  Once the risk of lightening had passed the dogs went for a swim then tucked into the remains of our stirfry despite the fact it was mostly vegetables.  It seems as long as they think it is our food and therefore special, it must be ok.

Dan made me laugh I gave him a rice cake which he took as it was a present then put on the floor in the dining room and examined for edibility and decided it was not for eating.  I then asked him to bring it back to me at which point his eyes lit up "Oh I get it, it's a retrieve toy, not food" Bless him he is very easily fooled.  He will always take anything you give him as it would be impolite to refuse but he then takes it away for further investigation and then only if Tubby seems keen will he try eating it. He really is a big girl's blouse where food is concerned.  I have found him guarding a carrot which of course is inedible just so Tubby can't have it.

This morning my thermometer is reading 15.6ºC lovely, which means we should make just the lower 20's by lunch time.  Perfect a nice sunny summer day and cool enough to do some chores without melting.  Who knows I might even tackle the ironing and put my move to Alaska on hold.  

Yesterday's supper was great at last I had an appetite and I made some breaded cod with potato salad, tomato and basil salad and a big bowl of green salad delicious and eaten with pleasure.  There is a portion left so I think that is my lunch for today.  I also think I have sufficient ingredients to make some gazpacho another all time favourite.  I am fond of soup in any of its forms be that hot or cold. Gazpacho always makes me think it was invented by a frugal housewife who had left over salad and not knowing what to do with it she made it into soup. 

During this very hot weather, I have gone back to corsera and started a couple of courses.  I find it fun to learn something new so it keeps my mind occupied even when my body is in a state of collapse.  I am also doing some experimental knitting.  I made a triangular shawl for my newly found cousin's wife and wondered if the pattern would translate to woollen yarn.  So far so good.  As it increases by one stitch each row it will soon be more than the needles can hold so I thought if it isn't big enough I can add a crochet border and really long fringe.  We will see!!!

On that happy note, I am off to have more coffee and get my day started with a bit more willingness than earlier in the week.  Have a good day all.

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