Friday morning

Good morning dearly bewildered! sometimes when you set out to make a cake you
end up with a pancake so much for a stonking majority.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive". 
- Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808) apparently wrongly attributed to Shakespeare.

Well so much for politics now for something completely different.

This where I would rather be sitting Piazza Unita drinking coffee while seated in an arm chair in the shade, people watching.  Please note the coffee comes with an amuse bouche of nutella over whipped cream and no it was not £8 per cup despite coming from one of the most famous cafes in Trieste. This is Caffè degli Specchi or the mirror cafe founded in 1839, should you decide to visit please be warned that inside there are the most amazing cakes and pastries so if you value your figure stay outside and drink coffee as James Joyce did.

Now up the hill to San Giusto cathedral which is romanesque in design and is actually made from the two former small churches which stood on the site of the old roman forum.  Outside there is a memorial to the fallen in WW1 and Sandy and I were enjoying a splash of cold water standing next to it.

The church itself is not in the spectacular style of some churches but does have some lovely roman mosaic floors and alter designs.

 There is also a fabulous chandelier which was a gift from poor Charlotta and it is quite a chunk of gold.
You could make a few wedding rings out of that me thinks!!! 

Trieste because of its geography has a lot of churches of all denominations from Russian orthodox, catholic, evangelical christian, synagogues and Greek orthodox to name but a few it is truly a multicultural city and not very Italian.  The Triestini refer to south of Rome as North Africa they have much more in common with the northern europeans than the deep south.

OK end of history and geography for today and again no homework tonight well its the weekend and we have sunshine to enjoy have a good one all.  p.s. have you read ulysses by James Joyce? I only read the dirty bits the whole book was beyond me but I might try again some time now I am older and wiser. 
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