Wednesday Morning

Good morning all, sorry about yesterday but it completely slipped my mind to write my blog.  I had had the night from hell waking on the hour every hour and what with the terrible news about Manchester my mind was elsewhere.  What can one say except I am filled with sadness for those who have lost loved ones.  Extremists of all varieties are abhorrent to me.  

Today the sun is shining brightly and the sky is clear and at last it is warming up so summer might actually be here.  It is lovely to fling the windows open and let the fresh air in without freezing to death.  My vegetable box had another kohlrabi in it so I am going to try the suggested cheese sauce and I might add a head of broccoli to bulk it out a bit.  While I was at Macknades I bought a £1 bag of tomatoes which I have made into tomato sauce for pasta and put into the freezer.  

The dogs had another swimming day so they both came home wet but tired and were happy to snooze in the sun and dry off.  It is really good exercise for them so I am always happy for them to have a swim even if I have to put up with the wet dog smell.  

I think I have got all my bits together ready for packing I just have a bit of ironing to do and a pair of jeans to wash.  On Friday both Sandy and I are having our nails done and I need to let the bank know that I will be abroad I don't want any problems with my cards while I am away.  

Well it is time to get the rubbish out for the bin men and have another cup of coffee then I will be fit to face the day.  Have a good one and enjoy the sun while it lasts.
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