Wednesday Morning

Good morning all it is very damp here as it started to rain at about 3am but has stopped now. Yesterday was a busy day with Denny in the morning and the garden ladies in the afternoon.  Sadly they had a problem with the tubing to the pond which they managed to split so we spent some time repairing the damage with insulating tape which seems to have done the trick.  It is a temporary fix until I can get it mended properly.  The pond is proving to be a real pain this year.  Much weed killer was sprayed as with a bit of sun and water the weeds have gone mad.  

I had a clear up of vegetables and made a big frittata and a potato salad which kept us fed for the day At the moment my mind is blank as to what we will be having on today's menu I think I will have to have a trawl through the freezer and see what I can find.  Fortunately the boys aren't fussy and eat whatever I produce.  

James has just returned from taking the dogs for a run so I now have two soaking wet dogs who smell delicious!!! There is nothing quite like the smell of wet dog unless it is one who has rolled in fox poo however neither of the dogs are rollers so we are spared that delight.

Well it's time I got going and did something constructive until tomorrow have a good day.
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