Wednesday Morning

Good morning all I hope you are sitting down.  No moan, the sun is shining and we have made it into double figures.  Yesterday everything fell into place and instead of things conspiring against me everything was just right. 

Richard arrived and we had a nice chat over the coffee followed by a nice roast chicken lunch. Richard was intrigued to see a halogen oven in action and duly impressed with the results. Delicate subjects were skirted around so no picking at scabs!!which suited me just fine.  He has been busy being a good dad and sorting out his daughters who are now making their way on the property ladder. Today he and his wife are off to sort out some things for her Dad in Plymouth so a busy schedule.  

The plant which was draped across the front of the house had finally died and when the window cleaner came I asked him to pull it down while he was up the ladder which he was only too happy to do.  The gardening ladies arrived at 2pm and started by clearing all of it away so now the front of the house is clear of plant material and my wheelie bins are full.  Once that was done they made a start on the area around the pond which as luck would have it is now easier with the water level dropped so your feet don't dip in the water when kneeling.

I fell asleep early last night it had been a stressful, if nice, day and so as usual I woke at 4am.  By 5.30 I had given up trying to go back to sleep so I got up and made myself some scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee.  That done I took my second cup to bed with me and finally fell asleep again around 6.30 and managed to grab a couple more hours sleep.  Now I feel fit to face the day and with the sun shining I feel quite cheerful.

I have nothing organised for lunch yet so that will be my first job of the morning.  I have some duck legs in the freezer which will need defrosting so they will do for supper but as for lunch I have no idea.  I guess it might be something on toast!!! The chicken was a small one so nothing is left from that and the small pile of bones aren't even worth stock making.  

I have a bit of paperwork to do for the solicitors and bits of paper to sign so I will get that off to them in the post as soon as possible in the hope that this will soon be finished it has taken forever.

Well that is my plan for the day enjoy the sun if you have some.
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