Wednesday Morning

Good morning all, yesterday was our sunday roast day as we were all at home for lunch so I did a nice rib of beef with yorkshires and all the trimmings.  I suddenly realised it is ages since we had a chunk of beef and boy was it delicious.  I still have some pudding batter left over so I thought I would make pancakes with it afterall it is more or less the same recipe.

I got some asparagus in my vegetable box and syphoned out a couple of pieces to demonstrate what I would call sprue.  I have put a standard pencil alongside so you can get an idea of scale.  The stems are thin and the heads already beginning to open so I would have in the past used this for soup making.  It is definitely not good quality.

Today I am off to Shiona's for the day which will make a nice change from the hum drum of daily life.  Denny worked her magic and James took both cars to the Albanians and had them cleaned. Denzil had good fun with the laundry as we were treated to regular showers so it was a case of dashing out and retrieving it from the line before it got soaked.  All a bit of a pain but we did get several loads done.  I have decided to wait until the wet period is over before I put the hose in the pond, it is cheaper to fill it with rain water than pay for it by the litre.  I normally have to top it up over the summer anyway as just evaporation drops the level. 

While I was trawling around on the internet yesterday I stumbled upon this photo and was so surprised to see myself.  I am centre front the third one in from the left as you will see I am the tallest of my group and this is where I think my idea that I am big came from.  Anyway, it was quite a surprise to see myself.  I have no idea who put the photo up and probably wouldn't recognise them if I did.  It is quite amazing what is out there on the net!!!! Please note the snowy white socks which we washed ourselves each evening sitting round a bucket with a bar of sunlight soap.  I have few memories of this time which is probably just as well as they were not the best.

Denzil has gone off to work but will be back around lunch time and there are plenty of leftovers which the boys can eat while I am out.  The skies look very dark and overcast this morning so the last load of wet washing will have to stay in the machine until the weather improves or if push comes to shove the tumble dryer.

Well that's about it for this morning time to get myself going and definitely time for my second cup of coffee.  Have a good day all.
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