Tuesday morning

Good morning all another perishing morning at just 7 degrees.  However, the longer range forecast shows things warming up next week and about time too.  I am well and truly fed up with being cold how about you? If I wanted to live in Alaska I would move there.  OK that's the weather moan over with.  Any bets as to how long it is before I am moaning about it being too hot?

My hair has been cropped and yes it is a bit short but give it a week or two and it will be fine.  At least it is easy to handle at this length.  Gary came and we discussed the garage business and he feels a small skip is needed to get rid of all the crud that is in there.  The roof has a broken tile and it is leaking onto one of the main supporting beams so that needs to be fixed then we can rearrange the freezers and install some cheap kitchen cupboards and a work surface so it can be used as a proper storeroom.  At the moment is is a cross between a workshops and general dumping ground.  I do keep all my larger kitchen equipment out there and I am not quite ready to see that go to the tip.  My kitchen is pretty small and of the galley type so I have very limited space for storage. I'm sure if I had a bit of a purge I could use the space more efficiently but sadly I lack the motivation.  I am hopeful that with a bit of warmth and sun I might be more motivated.

Today is Sunday lunch in this house as both boys are here and we have a visitor for lunch so I am going to roast a chicken which will do four nicely.  My gardening ladies are due at lunch time so it is going to be bedlam as they will need a bit of instruction and guidance.  They came while I was away in Italy visiting my sister and disposed of a whole large pot of lilies which I was not best pleased about.  At the time the pot looked empty as the plants hadn't poked their heads above the soil. Anyway, they can be easily replaced so nothing tragic. Given that they are already talking about a draught possibly the fewer pots to water the better.

First things first I need to get the vegetables prepare and get all the lunch stuff ready so it will just be a case of turning knobs and dishing up.  Have a good day all 

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