Tuesday morning

Good morning all I had a nice day yesterday Sandie gave me her opinion on the dresses and only one will be coming with me the others looked awful on me so that was an easy decision.  I made a large macaroni cheese for lunch and James made us a mexican supper of burritos with salsa which is his speciality.  We left a portion for Denzil when he came home from work and now the kitchen looks like a bomb has exploded in there.  Fortunately it is a small kitchen so it will only take me a few minutes to clear it up before Dennie comes.

Sandie and I walked the estate and were horrified at the number of weeds that have developed with this bit of rain we have had but the gardening ladies are due at lunch time so I think some spraying of weed killer is in order. Dan and Tubby accompanied us and as usual Dan thought it was to be a grooming session so he immediately jumped onto the table ready to be groomed.

I still haven't topped up the pond as I was hopeful that the rain might do some of it for me but no such luck it is still 6" down so I will have to put the hose in it.  There is a big pile of wet stuff which was due to be burned off but it will have to dry out first.  I must admit that the garden is my biggest problem as it is way too much for just me and I have sort of lost interest.  

We printed off our boarding passes so the holiday is creeping up on us and I hope it all goes according to plan.  I just hope we don't die of boredom just wandering around the town.  Fortunately my distant cousin has offered to take us to various places and has volunteered to take us back to the airport when we leave all of which will make a big difference.  The hotel does a sumptuous breakfast so if we eat well lunch will be superfluous.  Then we can concentrate on finding somewhere nice to have dinner.  Sadly my favorite restaurant had been changed into a sushi bar they used to have a massive woodfired pizza oven so I wonder what has happened to that.  Anyway, I have a list of restaurants from a food blogger in Trieste so we should have no trouble finding an alternative.

Well time is marching on and I need to go and blitz the kitchen so until tomorrow have a good day 

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