Tuesday Morning

Good morning all well guess who overslept this morning.  It was Denny at the door and the dogs barking that woke me.  I had been up at 4am but decided that was too early and so tucked myself under the covers and nodded off again only to go out cold and into a deep sleep.  It is a good job the dogs bark or poor Denny would still be stood on the doorstep.

Yesterday was a damp sort of day and I got caught in a deluge just as I came out of Tesco's where I had dashed for some bits I had forgotten.  Just my luck the car was parked some distance away so I got soaked.  Did I have a mac or umbrella don't be daft I was only going for five minutes.  Anyway fortunately I am not made of sugar so I didn't melt I just got wet.

Now that the bank holiday is over I have a couple of appointments to make today then I should be able to plan out the week and hopefully get over to Shiona's for a day which will be a nice break.  

I am going to keep this short as I am so far behind I am likely to meet myself coming back.  Have a good day all the weather will probably cheer up now that people have to go back to work.
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