Thursday morning

Another gloriously sunny morning not a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind.  What more can anyone ask for?  I had a bit of a restless night first I was too hot then too cold and so on all night I really struggled to get the temperature right so I could sleep comfortably.  

Yesterday saw the curry back out of the freezer which we had for lunch and for supper I did the kohlrabi with broccoli in a cheese sauce which made a very nice supper.  It is not a vegetable I would rush out to buy but I feel a bit more confident that I can deal with it when it turns up in my veg box.

Today I have a big pile of mushrooms which I am going to make into soup which I hope is the best solution to a large quantity.  Lunch today will be baked potatoes and a greek salad and with any luck soup for supper. However, first I need to make some sense of the kitchen which is a bit of a tip.  My fault, I left the pans in soak so serve me right no one to blame but myself.  Sometimes of an evening I just don't feel like washing up yet again.  I find that while cooking there is always lots to wash up and I am more and more reluctant to use the dishwasher.  If I put things into it I then find I need them again and only have to take them out and wash them anyway.  It is great for plates and cutlery but lots of things don't fit in well and so don't wash well.

It is lovely just sitting here in front of the open patio doors drinking coffee and contemplating the day ahead.  Have a lovely day everyone

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