Thursday morning

Good morning all.  This morning the sun is trying to shine through what is light cloud and the wind has dropped so it looks like it could be a very pleasant day.  Even better when you open the post and find a cheque from the inland revenue returning your money which they have overcharge you so much nicer than a bill.  

Yesterday Elaine came to visit for coffee and brought her puppy with her. He is almost as tall as Dan now and the two of them played like idiots for ages until they ran out of gas and collapsed to sleep. She had brought them each a pigs ear both Tubby and Benji munched theirs but Dan was unsure if it was edible and waited to see what the others did with theirs before getting stuck in.  If it is something strange he always waits to see if Tubby is going to eat it before he makes a start. 

Yesterdays lunch was a simple one of sausage, egg and beans and supper was every man for himself as Denzil had brought home a whole load of stuff from his cheap shop.  So we had an assortment of bits and pieces including a chocolate and vanilla cheesecake, naughty but nice.  Today for lunch we have some sirloin steaks which I will frighten with a griddle pan and serve with a big mixed salad. The fridge is now full so supper will probably be another bits and pieces meal.

It looks like a good day to do some laundry and get it out on the line but I will check the forecast before I start as the weather has been very changeable lately and we have been treated to sudden downpours.  

Well that's about it for this morning nothing very exciting but in my book that is good I have had my share of excitement and a bit of quiet peace is welcome. 
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