Thursday morning

Good morning all - it looks like we are in for another sunny day again today it is still chilly but at least we are out from under the blanket of cloud.  The sun certainly makes you feel better it is hardly any wonder that our ancestors worshiped the sun perhaps we still do only in a different way.  It must be something wonderful to celebrate in those countries where they have six months of darkness.  I don't think I could survive that, so I will not be moving to Alaska anytime soon.

I had a very lazy day yesterday and really didn't do much.  I prepared some duck legs which we were going to have for supper but nobody fancied them so they have been put on hold and will be lunch for today.  Then tomorrow I have some very chunky veal chops which will do nicely for lunch as Denzil is a day off so we will all be here for lunch.  I find it difficult to buy meat for three in a supermarket as their packs are all in twos or fours so I can either have too little or too much.  That is where the butcher comes in handy as I can have three of what I fancy.

Today I have an errand to run my Japanese friend needs "a real english person" to read over some documentation she is submitting for the rebuild of her cattery.  I hope my command of the language is good enough for this. I hate filling in forms as the questions are often ambiguous or totally unrelated or you have to read acers of notes explaining what they are looking for.  Anyway, I will do my best for her.  I know nothing about submitting planning applications so it will be a whole new experience.

Well that about it for this morning time to get a load of washing on and out on the line as it is a good day for drying and there is nothing nicer than laundry which has been dried in the fresh air. Have a good day all..... 

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