Thursday Morning

Good morning all well what a wet day we had yesterday!  I drove over to Shiona's house and decided as it was raining taking the dogs would not be sensible.  Much as they love it it would just end up with wet dogs and half the garden in Shiona's conservatory.  As it turned out this was the right decision as both of her dogs were under par with some sort of skin problems.  It rained continuously for the whole day and didn't stop until early evening.  Miserable though it was, it was just what the gardens, and I dare say the asparagus crop, needed.  Though it has been very cold of late it has also been very dry.  

It looks like today is going to be similar as it is already raining and still not into double figures yet.  I have a leftovers job to do today.  The boys didn't eat the pancakes so today they will be stuffed with a vegetable fricassee and covered with grated cheddar and flashed through the oven.  Hey presto lunch!!! Then for supper I will have one of the bolognese sauces out of the freezer with some pasta and a salad.  Today's menu sorted!!!!

Today I have my financial advisor coming for coffee and to sort out my finances.  His office is just up the road so he likes to come and visit and have coffee and I don't mind the personal service.  I think we might be in for a bumpy ride while all the EU mess is sorted out so I am looking to tuck my small investments somewhere safe, I will be looking for security rather than growth.  I will need help with this as I haven't got a clue!!!! My forte is spending money not saving it.

We currently have a house full of washing in various stages of drying so a bit of a tidy up is called for.  I still have a machine load of wet stuff so I think I will put that through the tumble dryer and get it put away as I am fed up with wet stuff everywhere.

I think this wet weather is confined to the south east corner and the rest of the country is ok so if you have nice weather please send it this way.

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