Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday's storm passed over and the day brightened up enough to get my washing dry on the line in fact it is still there as I forgot to get it in last night.  Today we have just light high cloud but the sun is shining through it.  

In my trawl through the wardrobe I found a nice pair of white trousers which still fit me so they have been washed and will make a good addition to my suitcase.  I am packing with four colours in mind white, navy, black and red which I hope will allow for plenty of mix and match.  Today is packing day and sorting out my handbag to make sure I can get through security without any lethal weapons. At the end of the day you only need passport, ticket and money.  To that I will add my iPad and phone both fully charged and on airplane mode.  Everything else will be in the hold so hopefully not a problem.

I have some pork loin steaks out for lunch which I intend to serve with a nice tomato and mozzarella salad.  I must say cooking is the last thing I feel like doing today so it will be nice easy stuff.  Denzil has his long day today so I will leave him his portion on a plate which he can eat when he gets home.  
Well that is the plan so first I had better go and retrieve the laundry from the line then fire up the iron and get everything ready to pack.  The weather forecast for Trieste is climbing heat up to 27 by the end of the week fortunately the hotel is air conditioned so we can always retreat for a cool down.

Have a great day 

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