Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Another sunny start to what looks like a lovely day the cloud is light and very high so hopefully no rain.  Yesterdays machine load of washing dried beautifully on the line and I have another load ready to hang out this morning.  

I made a chicken curry yesterday which will be on the lunch menu for today. Like most stews it is better for having had 24 hours to sit and let the flavours mix.  Denzil has a weeks holiday and as the tide is up he is taking the dogs for a swim which they absolutely adore.  Dan in particular loves to swim and with his webbed paws he move like a motor boat in the water leaving poor Tubby in his wake.  What I fail to understand is why they seem oblivious to the coldness of the water.  

I got a bit ahead of myself yesterday and took a rolled shoulder pork joint out of the freezer so I will cook it and if necessary we can eat it cold.  Alternatively the curry could go into the freezer and we can eat it hot for lunch I will see what the general opinion is and go with the flow.  I sometimes wonder how I managed before I had a freezer.  It has to be the most useful of all the kitchen gadgets and saves lots of waste.  

It is only a week until my holiday and I am beginning to get excited it has been booked for so long it's hard to believe we are almost there.  The weather in Trieste is a bit warmer than here I just hope it is not too hot.  I am not a lover of heat but the worst of it is usually july and august so hopefully I have got the timing right.

Well that is about it for today I intend to have a relatively quiet day just pottering around and a little gently cooking.  

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