Sunday morning

Good morning all well today it is raining, not heavily, just enough to make it a nuisance.  However, the ground badly needs it so I am not complaining.  I had a better night's sleep so I don't feel as if I have been run over by a steam roller as I did yesterday.  I had a chat with my sister who has a dose of bronchitis and is quite poorly so that put things into perspective.  Fortunately she has some good friends who are taking care of her but she is still having problems with her dogs who are unaccustomed to not being free to roam as they please.  She now lives in the centre of a small hill top village as opposed to out in the country so quite a change for the dogs.  It is a pity she is so far away as I can be of no use at all except to give a bit of advice and commiserate.

I cooked the brill as intended with an egg and breadcrumb crust and served it with assorted salads. It really is a very under rated fish and as close to turbot as you can get without breaking the bank.  The fish monger had done a beautiful job of filleting them which made my job very easy.  Today it will be just James and I as it is Denzil's long day so I think we will be mopping up some left overs.  I do need to go shopping as we are getting low on lots of essentials.  

What a disaster this cyber attack has had but I suppose it was always on the cards that some buffoon would crash things just because they can.  The health service is in such trouble that it is really all they needed.  I expect there will be more businesses who have been hit but don't realise it yet and Monday morning will reveal the full extent of the mess.  It will be interesting to see if they ever find out who is responsible.  All my tech is working fine so I guess they have gone for bigger fish.

Well that is about it for this morning I hear the shower calling me and first there is a second cup of coffee before I get underway.  Have a good day 
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