Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Another dull cold start to the day, this is getting boring it's time for summer to come.  A bit of warmth would be much appreciated I am still wearing my long sleeved thick sweatshirts surely it should be time for short sleeved polo shirts by now.  I bought myself a packable straw sun hat for Trieste just in case.  I have only once given myself sunstroke and I don't intend to repeat the performance.  It was many years ago that we were all sitting out for lunch and the umbrella left one place in the sun which as the youngest I volunteered to take.  Big mistake, I had to be taken back to the hotel in a taxi where I lost my lunch and had to be rehydrated and put to bed with a headache to beat all headaches.  Fortunately my Mum was there and she knew exactly what to do. Lesson learned, boiling your head is not smart.

I am bracing myself for next week which is going to be a bit chaotic to start with, Monday is fully occupied with hair dressers and handyman visit.  Then on Tuesday Richard, Mikes youngest brother, is coming to pay me a visit, but I have just realised that the garden ladies are also  due.  Never mind I'm sure I will cope.  It might also be the day Denny is due I'm not sure I will have to check the diary.
He is the only one of Mikes family who has not kicked me into the long grass so I have no problem with him coming.  He used to come and visit us before he was married along with his laundry and now his daughters are married and he has retired so a long time.  I will have to put my thinking cap on as everything is in lots of three and we will be four for lunch.  I think some sort of pasta fest which can be stretched to fit.  I have some lovely veal chops but sadly only three so not suitable.  

Today is Denzils long day at work so it will be just James and I for lunch and dinner.  Nice and easy something on toast followed by something else on toast.  I have all the ingredients for some courgette pancakes so they may feature on the menu.  I could of course go shopping and lay in some extras for Tuesday.

Well that is the plan for the day such as it is.  I hear the shower calling me so time for another cup of coffee then I must burst into action.  Have a good one!

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