Saturday morning

Good morning all well it looks like the glorious weather is coming to an end we have big black clouds overhead.  It is still very warm but no lovely sunshine.

The dogs coughing seems to have subsided so perhaps it was just too much salt water from swimming or maybe the meal of grass they treated themselves to.  Anyway I am glad whatever it was has passed.

Sandy and I had our nails done yesterday which was nice to be pampered for an hour or so.  My colour is called "aristocratic lady" and is a deep red verging on purple so it should go with all my navy blue clothes.  It would look ghastly with yellow or orange which are colours I never wear so it should be fine.  We shared the lunch of greek salad and hardboiled eggs which was ideal as a light lunch for a hot day.  For supper we had a chinese and I had my usual of some hot and sour soup and two spring rolls again relatively light but very tasty.  

Today Denzil is back at work and I have a final load of washing to do then I can select what I want to pack.  I might have a panic shop looking for a dress which might fit the bill.  Failing that it will have to be dark trousers and a crisp white shirt.  I am working on the principle of short sleeves for the day time and long for the evening when it might be a bit chillier with the sea breeze. 

Well whatever I am going to do I had better make a start.  It is now as black as your hat overhead so rain looks imminent.  Splendid just what I wanted for drying my clothes thank goodness for the tumble dryer.

p.s. first clap of thunder and it is now raining.

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