Saturday Morning

Good morning all.  Well here we are at yet another weekend and this morning the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky and with any luck we might have a dry day.  So far it has rained every day this week which has done the garden a power of good.  The weeds are really flourishing which is not so good but hopefully a good spray of weed killer should deal with those.  
The pond pipe work has been repaired yet again, lets hope that that is the last of the pond problems now and I can put the hose in and refill it.

I gave my clothes a quick look over and I think I have sufficient to last a week in Italy without having to buy more.  So a big sigh of relief.  There are a few bits which could could use a freshen up so I will get them through the washing machine.  

I made a supper dish which I was very pleased with 'patatas bravas' which we had with a fried egg.  It is a nice easy recipe which used up some spuds which were on the blink.  The addition of cayenne pepper made it quite spicy but very pleasant.  

Today for lunch I think a pasta and salad lunch will have to do unless I can think of something more exciting.  If I can find some bacon I could make a carbonara which everybody likes but failing that it will have to be a tomato sauce.  Tonight I think we may treat ourselves to a take away.  

I had a kohlrabi and fennel bulb in my box of vegetables so I will have to get my thinking cap on and try to use both for some dish or another.  The fennel will no doubt end up in a salad as none of us like it cooked and the kohlrabi will probably get added to a coleslaw, not very imaginative but at least they wont go to waste.  I find that my vegetable box tends to drive the menu but that is no bad thing.  

Well that is about it for this morning I am ready for my second cup of coffee and a quick look in the freezer in the hope of inspiration.  Have a good weekend everyone and lets hope hope the sun is here to stay.
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