Saturday Morning

Good morning all, I am up late but that is because I had broken night of dozing rather than sleeping. We are dull and overcast this morning with the odd gust of wind but we are in double figures just. Yesterday went according to plan and the veal chops were worth waiting for as they were delicious.  I than changed my mind with regard to supper and made a risotto with the duck meat and asparagus and that was almost better.  So all in all a very successful day in the kitchen.  The laundry is getting done in dribs and drabs as we keep getting showers which mess things up.  

A whole load of paperwork arrived from the solicitors yesterday which I now have to read through and check before sending a signed copy back to them.  On the brighter side the tax office have overcharged us and we are due a nice little rebate - isn't it nice when they send you money rather than the other way around?

The fish monger rang yesterday to tell me he had a couple of Brill which he has filleted and delivered to my door so they will be on the lunch/supper menu.  I fancy them egg and breadcrumbed and served with a big salad so I think that is what I will do.  Things tend to change when Denzil comes home with bags full of shopping from his work.  James has just gone up the road for a bacon and egg roll for his breakfast so I foresee a late lunch.  It is taking me some time to realise that we don't have to eat at the allotted times but only when we want to.  Mike was a stickler for lunch at midday and after so many years of complying I am only now getting out of the habit.  The boys are much more flexible and are happy to eat when it is ready.  

I don't know about anybody else but I for one am already sick to death of the election and all the promises they will not keep once elected.  The Americans seem to have shot themselves in the foot and we might just be following their example.  Isn't there a saying that when america sneezes england catches a cold!!!!!
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