Saturday Morning

Good morning all well here we are at the end of another week it is still quite cold here though it is dry there is not a glimmer of sun just the blanket of cloud.

I made yet another vegetable mix yesterday as I had a red pepper which was looking sad and one portion of asparagus and some mushrooms which were beginning to shrivel.  The whole lot went in a pan with the addition of some new potatoes and a red onion.  It will accompany some sausages for lunch.  

The dogs had a nice time yesterday as the tide was up and they both had a swim.  Tubby gets disheartened as Dan is the one with the paddles and out swims him every time. Tubby can outrun him but loses when it comes to water. I had a chat with my sister who is having a rough time as one of her dogs suddenly decided to chase a cat and caught and killed it.  He is nine years old and has been brought up with cats and never shown any interest.  She is hoping that it is not someone's beloved pet and probably a feral cat.  I wonder if the cat was sick as they are usually pretty good at getting away if chased.  Anyway, not the best start to the day.  She was very upset and is now going to have to walk the dog on a lead at all times which will make her life hell especially as she doesn't have a garden so they need three walks per day.

Following the day of deluge the garden is looking green and lush and the pigeons are busy eating the buds off my pseudoacacia.  I have noticed with the increase in pigeons we have lost lots of the little birds from the garden.  Presumably there is little for them to eat as the pigeons clear all the edible stuff in no time at all.  I don't put food out for them as we are surrounded by cats who see a bird table as a meal ticket.  I think it is time that pigeon made its way onto our menus.  I believe they are very popular in Egypt.

Gary my handyman rang yesterday and is coming on monday afternoon to sort out what we are to do with the garage.  There are a couple of things which need mending but ideally I would like it gutted and made into a proper store room.  It would have been nice to move the washing machine but the new neighbours are not happy to let us put the outflow pipe into their drain so I guess it will have to stay where it is.  We actually don't have a drain from our house it goes through the next door neighbours on the other side.  I suppose it made sense when the houses were built but it is now a bit of a pain.

The travelers have moved from our dog walking place but left it in a terrible state and have moved to a local park where they are creating havoc and threatening the staff of the swimming pool which is at the entrance.  Needless to say the police are involved and the local paper is full of the story.

Well that's about it for today time to get the show on the road.  Have a good weekend all.

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