Good morning all.  It  rained during the night and I think I heard a clap of thunder around 4am but I might have dreamt it, who knows.  The sun is shining now but everything is wet outside so I guess it was quite a downpour.  

Well I am all packed with the exception of my sponge bag.  My handbag has been stripped of all unnecessary stuff which just seems to accumulate over time.  Phone and iPad fully charged and on airplane mode and car filled with fuel so I think I am ready.  We will be leaving here at 12.30 to go to Faversham and pick Sandy up then it is off to Stansted.   We are leaving in plenty of time as we would rather wait at the airport than in a traffic jam and fingers crossed there will be no problems on the Dartford crossing.    

They say dogs can smell adrenalin and Dan certainly knows something is up he kept putting his head in my lap yesterday and looking at me with his baleful eyes.  

The Italians have a saying about Spinone they say if you look at a dog and human looks back at you then it is a Spinone.  I am only sad I can't take him with me but he is in good hands with the boys. 
Well I am off for my second cup of coffee get ready and wait!!!!! 

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