Monday Morning

Good morning all.  Only just 8 degrees this morning so still perishingly cold and another dull start.  It does eventually brighten up in the afternoon but boy does it take its time.  This morning I am off to visit the hairdresser one of my least favourite things but now is the time if my hair is to look reasonable for the holiday.  I find over the 6 week period that the first two weeks it is too short then two weeks of perfect, followed by two weeks of shaggy pony.  Anyway I am aiming for the two weeks of perfect!!!!

This afternoon I will be talking through what needs doing in the garage with Gary.  There are some things which need mending and then some alterations I would like to make it more convenient.  I have to maneuver the wheelie bins through the garage for the bin men so a method of getting them over the step would be handy.  Just a small wooden ramp would be ideal and make things much easier when the bins are full and heavy.  There is a whole load of stuff out there which needs to go to the tip so a small skip would be a quick answer to that problem.  

With Richard coming tomorrow I thought the easiest thing would be a chicken roasted in the halogen oven with an assortment of vegetables.  Nice and easy especially as the gardening ladies are coming at lunch time to do a few hours in the garden.  The plant, which was growing up the front of the house, is now dead so it can be pulled down as it looks pretty dreadful.  If there is too much of it for the wheelie bins then it can be taken up the garden to the bonfire and I can soon burn it off.

Denzil's long day turned into a shorter day as the warehouse had a power failure all the drivers were sent home.  I don't know what happened to people who were waiting for their shopping - I hope they weren't relying on it for supper.  

Well that's about it for today nothing very exciting to report things are just chugging along which is fine by me.

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