Monday morning

Good morning all here we go into the last week of May and at last the weather has turned to a bit brighter and warmer.  Today we have quite a bit of cloud cover but it is clear and bright so hopefully the clouds will pass as the sun burns them off.  

The dogs had a lovely swimming session yesterday and came home with a voracious appetite for their breakfast which makes a change.  Tubbies short coat dries almost instantly but Dan stays wet for hours however lying in the sun dried him off fairly quickly.  

In the end the curry went into the freezer and the pork shoulder was had for lunch.  I had a kohlrabi to deal with so I cut it into batons along with some carrots which made an acceptable mixture.  It is not a vegetable I am very familiar with so I am never quite sure how to deal with it but this worked well.

Denzil had brought home a sticky toffee pudding which I had a slice of - wow what a sugar rush I think there was enough sugar in it to send me into a diabetic coma.  I suppose as I am not used to sugar it was unbearably sweet.  It is surprising how easily I have got used to a largely sugar free diet. Supper was every man for himself as there were plenty of bits and bobs in the fridge.  The shoulder joint was small enough to be demolished in one sitting so no left overs to deal with.

I have a big box of chestnut mushrooms so I thought I would make a cream of mushroom soup with them which will do for either lunch or supper.  I could really do with a trip to the butcher as my meat supplies are very low and a pot of cream is needed for the soup.  I think a trip to Faversham is needed to restock on goodies and coffee.  Both the boys are sound asleep so I will wait for them to surface before I go in the hope that one of them will come with me.  In the meantime it is time for another cup of coffee.  Have a great day whatever you have planned.
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