Monday morning

Good morning all another wet start to the day it is just spitting with rain and pretty dull but much warmer than it has been.  Yesterday was a bit of a nothing day taken up with mundane shopping and general cooking and cleaning.  I made some kebabs with lamb neck fillet and halloumi cheese which had some chilli through it and served it with a pilau rice and some charred onions.  There was enough to leave Denzil a portion on a plate which I guess he ate as it has vanished.  I was sound asleep by the time he got home which is around midnight.  

Today Sandie is coming to visit and we are hoping to get all our boarding passes etc printed off ready for our trip.  I also have a couple of dresses on loan from Shiona but I would like Sandies opinion on what I look like in them as I know I will immediately hate myself in them as I don't like dresses. Jeans a T shirts will be fine for the day time but evenings out might require something a bit more up market.

I had better cut this short as everybody is now up and making lots of noise so it is impossible to think.  Until tomorrow have a good day even if it is raining.

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