Friday Morning

Good morning all a bit better night last night it was not so hot and there was a bit of breeze.  Another bright sunny day with cloudless skies and already 19 degrees.  As it turned out yesterdays baked potato with greek salad was spot on just what we fancied.  I have a bucket of mushroom soup some of which will be going in the freezer.

Sandy and I have an appointment at 12 to have our nails done so she is arriving about 11 not quite sure what to do for lunch I have enough ingredients to make another greek salad so that might be on the menu along with some hard boiled eggs.  Nice and light for a hot day.  

It was so warm last evening that Dan took to sleeping on the cold tiled kitchen floor or out on the patio.  It must be difficult to get cool when you have a big wooly coat on.  Tubby on the other hand loves to sunbathe.  Both of them have a bit of a cough so I hope they are not in for a dose of kennel cough.  It is not serious, though very highly infectious, it is the equivalent of a summer cold to us and will clear up on its own.  However they are best kept away from other dogs until it has.  So a few days of house arrest for them.  Not that they will mind as they don't really appreciate walking in the heat.  

I am having a last minute panic over my wardrobe for the holiday and might have to have a quick look at some clothes.  I need something marginally dressy for evening wear.  Nothing too formal but something other than a T shirt and jeans.  

Well that's about it for this morning time for more coffee and start to make preparations for lunch.

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