Friday morning

Good morning all another very damp start it rained quite heavily yesterday evening however most of the washing got dry on the line.  The forecast is for more rain today but the garden is enjoying it so no complaints from me.  I have decided the only way for me to keep the weeds under control is by spraying them so to that end I have ordered a new pressure sprayer and then I will have to go to B&Q and buy a gallon of weed killer.  Fortunately, I can section off the garden with the various gates and keep the dogs away from freshly sprayed areas.  This is not my favoured way to deal with things but it is too big a garden for me to keep under control any other way.   The garden ladies have organised a pond guy to come and fix the damaged pipe so that will be one less problem to deal with.  

The steak lunch went down very well and today we have some meat pies for lunch, not home made so more pastry than meat.  I have a butternut squash which I am going to dice and roast to accompany the pastry pies.  As for supper I have no idea yet but the fridge is full of stuff so it may well be a fridge supper.  

I had a very lazy day yesterday and ended up watching loads of rubbish on the TV.  I tend to record commercial TV channels so that I can whistle through the adverts and cut down how long they take to watch.  I think I had better tackle a job I have been putting off which is to check my clothing for the holiday.  I am hoping I have sufficient without having to go shopping for more as that is a job I really hate.

Well it is time for a second cup of coffee then I will be fit to face the day.  Have a good day and stay dry if you are in the rain belt.

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