Friday morning

Good morning all it is dull and overcast this morning having rained overnight but it is warmer so no complaints from me.  According to the forecast we are due more rain today which the garden needs.

Yesterday started well for me, I got the lunch all prepared then went to see my friend to look over her planning application.  I hate correcting people's English as it is so difficult if you change one word you often find you have to completely rebuild the sentence.  This does nothing for their confidence.  I went through the document to make sure I understood exactly what she is trying to say.  This morning I will go over the document and make sure all the corrections make sense before I send her back the document.  This is where computers are wonderful she has sent it down the wires for me to polish up and send back.  So much easier than a red pen!!!!

By the time lunch was ready I was feeling terrible and certainly didn't want to eat so I forced myself to have some of the vegetables and then put myself to bed.  By 2pm I was sound asleep and stayed that way until 8.30 pm when I shared half a pizza and some trifle with James and promptly went back to sleep.  I have no idea what brought this on nor what ailed me but I feel fine this morning.  Perhaps I over did the coffee in the morning, who knows, anyway whatever it was has passed I hope.  

On today's menu I have some nice veal chops which I will cook in the oven with some rosemary, sage, lemon zest and butter and serve with broccoli and potatoes plain boiled.  I think supper will be a cold duck salad as there are two cooked duck legs to use up and if I do sufficient potatoes I can make a potato salad.  

Well time to do my homework and get that document sent off then I can start preparations for lunch.  Have a good day all at last it is getting a bit warmer!!!

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