Friday morning

Good morning all what an idiot I was yesterday I had decided it was friday so actually the financial advisor is coming today which actually is Friday.  I am very easily confused especially when there is a bank holiday involved.

Yesterday was grim weatherwise but mostly dry and today we are having flashes of sunshine and big black clouds - not a day to risk washing on the line me thinks.

Chrissie has asked me for my recipe for fricassee vegetables which I got from James Martin.  It really isn't a recipe as such just a method of cooking an assortment of veg together.  I start off with a pan with some decent amount of butter and a bit of onion whatever you have available.  Then add an assortment of vegetables cut to similar sizes.  The first to go in are those which take the longest to cook then about a tea cup full of water and allow to simmer gradually adding softer stuff.  Eventually you want the water to evaporate just as the vegetables are ready.  This will depend on what you have added, things like courgettes and spinach will give lots of water as will mushrooms but things like potato will absorb some of the liquid it is just a case of suck and see and don't forget to season.  I make up the ingredients from what needs to be used up.  Anything that is on its last legs gets added and so far I have found that most veg goes with most veg.  The mixtures you can make are endless carrots, asparagus, green beans and mushrooms makes a nice mix.  The end result can either be served as a side to meat or fish or you can wrap it in pancakes and cover with white sauce or just grated cheese.  If push comes to shove add more stock and call it soup!!!!  The only skill involved is cutting things to the right size and evaporating off the water.  It has the advantage of cooking several vegetables and only using one pan thus reducing washing up which is always a good idea. Sorry I can't be more specific but it really is a freefrom type of cooking. No two mixtures are ever the same.  

Yesterday I cooked a ham knuckle which will be for our lunch today with a salad of belgian chicory pear and blue cheese which is one of my favourite mixes and maybe a handful of walnuts.  I have kept the water from the ham but I think it is going to be too salty to really use but I will check it out before I dump it.  If it is useable I have some dried peas and or lentils which will make a good soup.

Well the brief glimpse of the sun has gone and we are back under the dark blanket of cloud with quite a strong cold wind blowing not a May day at all more like November.  I hope you are faring better.

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