Wednesday morning

Good morning all we are at 4ºC this morning but at least we don't have frost or snow.  Dentist went well yesterday nothing needed doing except the usual sand blasting clean.  I hate going to the dentist but at least I have not had to have anything done for years.  I hope my largely sugar free diet is some help.  This is not a diet per se but just my dislike of sweet things in general.  

I made a big pot of soup yesterday with a butternut squash some carrots and some leeks.  It was pretty bland so I added some fresh thyme and a grating of lemon zest which made all the difference.  Instead of bread with the soup we had onion bhajis lovely combination.  I have about two bowls worth left so I think I will put it in the freezer as we are three for lunch.  

Today I am having my nails done and they really need it.  It is amazing how fast they grow, it is not something you usually notice.  Next it will be the hair which is getting to the shaggy pony stage but I am trying to get my timing right so it will look OK for Italy.  Newly cut it is too short so I need to catch it in that middle stage when it is fine and before the shaggy pony stage.  I think I will book an appointment for a fortnight before I go.  In the past I have left it and had it done in Italy which I have always found to be a very nice experience.  I remember having my hair done as a teenager in the days when you got stuck under a dryer.  They had it cracked as the dryers had big fans on the front which kept your face cool so when you left the salon you didn't look like a freshly boiled lobster.  They also had a changing room so you could keep your nice clothes really free from cut hair, and a manicure and pedicure was part of the deal.  You could go in looking like a dog's dinner and come out looking a million dollars and it didn't break the bank.

I have a warning light on in the car which would like new brake pads so James is organising that. With such a heavy car taking your foot off the accelerator works quite well as it soon comes to a stop without braking.  Anyway at least I am aware and so will tailor my driving to suit until I can get some new brake pads which should be later this week.

Lunch today will be a full English as I have all the ingredients to hand, including some wonderful black pudding from the mangalitsa pigs if I get it out of the freezer now so it has time to defrost.  

Second cup of coffee in hand I am going to brave the outdoors and head for the freezer!!!  Have a good day all.
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