Wednesday Morning

Good morning all it is another very chilly [6ºC] morning with the sun shining brightly it looks like a lovely day until you open the door and realise it is perishingly cold.  James and I had a good run up to London yesterday and a slow but reasonable journey home in rush hour.  He was pretty shattered but was still up at 3am and is now fast asleep where I will leave him.  Brain scrambling sessions leave him worn out but at least all the tick boxes have been dealt with and hopefully this is the last time he is going to be made to relive his nightmares and he will be allowed to put it behind him as best he can.  The lady with whom he spoke was surprised that he is receiving no help at all.  I did to psychiatric secondments in my training and with hand on heart I can honestly say I have never worked with a group of such lazy uncaring people in my life.  I hope my experience is not typical but I am not surprised by how James has been treated.  Anyway I am here to pick up the pieces and provide a soft place to fall. There is no retirement from being a mother!!!!

I have said nothing to my neighbours about the pond disaster yet, as I wanted to allow my anger to subside first so I can be rational and polite.  As I see it the guy has two options he can either mend the pond pipework he destroyed or he can pay the bill and I will get it fixed.  I really don't want to start a neighbour war as these can quickly get out of hand and end up in a tit for tat ongoing mess.  I hope it can be settled amicably.  

Lunch today is shepherds pie so as it is all ready all I have to do is put it in the oven.  I was really taken with a recipe from one of my italian readers and writers.  It is for eggs in a nest and as I have read it you just separate the eggs and beat the whites until stiff then incorporate grated parmesan spring onions and crispy bacon all cut small.  You then pile up the whites making a dent in the centre for the yolks.  The nests are baked for 10 minutes or so before you add the yolks into the dents and return to the oven for a further 5 minutes.  This sounds like a really lovely thing to do with duck eggs which have huge yolks.  The dish would make a nice breakfast or with a salad a light lunch or supper so very versatile. 

Today I really need to go shopping for cleaning stuff, Denny is a devil with the bleach so I am going to buy 6 bottles so I don't run out for a little while. Fortunately I have storage for such quantities in the garage where I can keep excess items.  It might not be big enough for a car but it is certainly a useful place to store overflow items.

Well that is the plan for the day tomorrow Sandy is coming over and we are going out for lunch to a local pub and she can pick up the suitcase I am lending her for our trip.  I think we may be out of the country for the general election but I will have to check the dates, no we will be back on the 5th so just in time.

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