Wednesday morning

Good morning all.  If GCHQ the CIA, MOSSAD and the KGB are listening in they will be delighted to know that I have taken up money laundering.  It is dead easy just don't empty your pockets and hey presto laundered money.  Yesterday I washed 6 Euros and I have been known to launder the odd £5 note. 

The weather was so glorious that the washing machine was in action the whole day and I still have about three loads to go.  Did I do the pond pumps? no of course not, I managed to find other jobs which were much more important - one day I will realise I should just get on and do the job instead of procrastinating and finding some sort of excuse to get out of jobs I hate - I am just putting off the evil hour and will have to do them anyway.  Today might be the day but the priority is shopping as we are an almost food free zone.  So item one is to write a shopping list which I can then leave on the kitchen table as per usual.  Then I can shop leaving my shopping bags in the car, another of my specialities.  

Don't tell Dan but he is off to be tortured today, he is due a haircut - not his favorite thing but at least he will come home tired out and smelling of butterscotch.  I carefully got some sausages out for lunch today but sadly the poltergeists have demolished them during the night so it is back to the drawing board on that one.

Carol's dogs enjoying the sunshine on the terrace

Tessa is the little black and white pudding and Bruch is the big brown Bastardo Italiano who is a charming gentleman but with a very strong desire to get his leg over and cries bitterly when he is in love!!!  The first load of washing is on so at least I am making progress with that we won't discuss the ironing that will have to wait.

Until tomorrow dear friends onwards and upwards [Per ardua ad astra]

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