Tuesday morning

Good morning all in a bit of a rush this morning as I have a dental appointment at 10.40 and have to drive all the way over to Maidstone.  It is perishingly cold again this morning with the deceptive sunshine making it look as if it is warm outside. However my thermometer is reading 6ºC and that is against the house wall and in the sun.  The central heating has kicked into life as that is on a thermostat which knows the outside temperature.  Therefore I am dressed for the arctic but at least I am not in my dressing gown freezing slowly.

I had a lovely morning yesterday with Ellie and she is looking fit and well after her short break.  She brought her lovely standard poodle  pup [Benjy] to visit as he gets on famously with my dogs.  The dogs had not seen each other for a while and went mad cavorting and chasing each other round and round the dining table then in and out of the garden finally collapsing exhausted with a dental chew each. Benjy thinks my dogs have magical powers as they can walk through walls [dog flap] he just stands looking perplexed and bewildered.  We will have to post him in and out of the flap a few times so he gets the message but we are enjoying watching his confusion wicked people that we are.

I managed to get some of the salad stuff on to the menu yesterday and today I intend a repeat performance with some prawns as the main attraction.  

The guy who ruined the pond is coming on Saturday morning to rectify the situation and so far we are on cordial terms as I think he knows what a mess he made.  Let's hope he makes a good job of it as I really don't want to fight about it.  This time I will supervise him and make sure he does no further damage.  Once it is all back up and running I will put the hose in and refill the 6" of water he pumped out.  It doesn't sound like much water but it will take several hours to replace as it is a large area. Anyway, fingers crossed all goes according to plan.  One day I will have to measure the pond and work out exactly how much water it holds.  All I currently know is that to completely refill it takes two days, admittedly our water pressure is rubbish but even so that is a long time.  I am hopeful that now we are down to just the goldfish the water should stay cleaner for longer.  There are some lovely water lilies in red white and yellow which make it look rather nice.  People are always surprised as the pond cannot be seen from the house despite its huge size.  

The next major garden project will be to sort out the chicken run and I am leaning towards getting the area paved.  I had intended to get the green house back into service this year but I think I have left it too late and it will have to wait until next year.  The veg beds are all covered in weed suppressant membrane so they can sit quietly doing nothing and the paths can be sprayed with weed killer.

Well that about it for this morning time to get going but not before my second cup of coffee.  Have a good day all

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