Tuesday morning

Good morning all - I have just checked the news first today in case we are already at war with north korea - not yet but Trump is stirring the pot.  I sincerely hope that London evacuates for his state visit I think the man is a megalomaniac and seems to think the world is his toy.  Anyway enough political chat I hate politics both with a small p and a capital P it just strikes me as such a dirty business. My favourite political motto is "don't believe it until it has been officially denied". Watching the news scares and depresses me so I avoid it where possible.

The sun is shining and Denny is due any minute both the boys are sound asleep and that is a miracle for James as he is due for his appointment in London this evening.  I asked him if he felt the need for company and he has asked me to go with him for moral support which of course as his mother I am happy to do.  I am even happier that he feels able to ask for that support. Asking for help is a strength not a weakness.  

Well Denny is here and hard at work after her cup of coffee and a quick chat.  Fortunately she can talk and work at the same time.  I always find that work goes quicker if you have someone to chat to. Housework can be so boring especially when it is so repetitious. I would love a penny for every time I have cleaned my sink!!!!!

I have booked suitcases into the hold for our trip to Trieste as I refuse to be encumbered in the airport again.  And better still I have found my travel kettle which I thought I had thrown away.  I must close now as I can't chat and type at the same time so much for multitasking.

Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine even if it is freezing outside.

P.S. Talk about no good deed goes unpunished I have just been up to check out the pond and all the pipe work has been broken if I turn on the pumps it will empty the pond into the garden so I am one hundred percent screwed. How can people be so mean as to take your fish for free and ruin your pond and just leave it like that.
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